Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hushed little voices whispering secrets everywhere!

Although we don't celebrate Christmas, we are helping the children to give each other gifts. This year Hanukkah falls during the same week as Christmas... we've been so busy! Trying to find time with the giving child when the receiving child isn't around has been quite difficult. Every nap time and spare moment we've rushed off to a secret room to plan and craft and sew and wrap.

Earlier this week I took Macho Man (who does not enjoy glue guns or ric rac) on a little trip to the dollar store. Carrying his jar of money up and down the isles he chose gifts for all of his siblings, his dad, the two grandparents that will be joining us for the holiday and Uncle Rusty who is staying with us at the moment. He kept putting things in the cart but then found something he thought would be better and had to trade for what he'd gotten earlier. He didn't really like any of my ideas but did make really good choices for each person. As soon as we got home he ran up with his purchases to madly wrap them and they are now being displayed on the mantle.

Creative Genius and Mr. Right have made the cutest little baby cradle for Girly Girl's dolls. They cut the wood and put it together. Each day they've been down to the basement to put another coat of paint on it. I went with my husband yesterday to the craft store where he spent quite a bit of time finding just the right stickers to complete the project. It was so sweet to watch him find just what he wanted in the flowers and hearts section. I never thought I'd be discussing the pros and cons of different shades of pink and the wonders of decoupage with him. He's putting as much of himself in to it as our six-year-old son is.

That same six-year-old and I sewed a pink baby blanket for Girly Girl's doll cradle. Creative Genius doesn't know it but it exactly matches the quilt I've made his sister. She'll be thrilled to find out that her babies have one too.

Creative Genius also helped to sew a "sleeping bag" for Speed Racer's new little boy doll that we found to give him at a thrift store. Speed Racer has been teased often for his "girl" dolls so we thought this would be perfect for him. To make the sleeping bag, we used bits and pieces of the left overs from S.R.'s quilt, so, his doll will also have a matching blanket.

My husband is also working with a child on a book shelf with a reading light for my oldest son to use on his top bunk bed. He's always reading and doesn't have anywhere to keep his books.

My two little ones will be making a couple of *Top Secret* projects for their big Sissy this week too.

I won't give away what that big Sissy is planning for the little ones in case she wants to blog about it but I have to say it is just adorable! I did take her to buy a gift for her dad last week that I know he'll love. It's so nice to see her empty her entire wallet to buy something that she knows someone else will enjoy. I am amazed that she works week after week (babysitting) to earn money and then, week after week, will spend it on other people.

This is one of the MANY benefits of having a big family. My children are so excited for the holiday. Not for what they will receive but they just can't wait to g-i-v-e. I am so blessed!

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Rachel said...

I love it when the kids get more excited about giving then receiving!! How cool that you are all making so many gifts. I made my dad a small scrapbook album this year and he said it was better than anything I could have bought. So much love goes into homemade gifts!