Monday, October 19, 2009

New Blog

My husband is not the kind of guy that jumps in to anything. In fact, he's the kind of guy that thinks about it, contemplates it, considers it and then puts his big toe in. He is forever saying that I leap before I look, we are just totally opposite in that way.

When I started blogging a year and a half ago, he began thinking of names for his blog. He made lists of possible topics. He thought long and hard about blogging.

Well, I can say, that finally he took the plunge and I am so glad. He studies all the time and is a wonderful teacher. He's already written a four-part series and last night studied the origin of the star of David. I think you will enjoy reading what he has to say, take a look at his new blog: here.


Teresa said...

Thank you Jennifer, I have bookmarked it. I read the latest post, so much to absorb:) Miss seeing you and your family.

Gail Heaton said...

wonderful! I look forward to reading it. I have definite opinions about that particular symbol and I am eager to read what he has to say.


Gail Heaton said...

Jennifer, I hope your husband doesn't mind I just wrote a loong response to his post. I have been interested in reading a rebuttal to those who say the symbol is pagan. I had a lot of questions for him. I hope I didn't overwhelm him!

His Talmidat said...

Oh, my husband is going to be so interested in this. I'm always sending him your posts to read, and the other day he said, "So, can we go over and visit them?" :) He appreciates what you are doing, and I'm excited to send your husband's along! Thank you both!

mama-aya said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a great thing that he's getting it written down- sharing his research and ideas. I'll look forward to reading and learning more.
We miss seeing you guys too! Let's plan a play/work date.