Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Names

I just love thinking up baby names, don't you? I've spent many an hour writing a new name out with all its possibilities.

Well, Serenity, over at Femininity in a Feminist World is sponsoring My Top 10 Favorite Baby Names. Thought I'd participate. You should too!

Now, none of these are my current children... I am thinking about the future!!! :)

Here goes:

1. Abigail (means father's joy - there was someone at my husband's job named Reuben who has a brand new baby named Ruby Abigail. Named after her dad and then father's joy, so sweet!)

2. Ryanne (my middle name - I've always loved it but can't get my husband to!)

3. Aryel (This is a boy's name meaning Lion of God. Too Disneyfied for me now though.)

4. Joel (Can't use it because I know my son would turn in to Joe some how)

5. Naomi (means pleasant - and who doesn't want a pleasant child?)

6. Tacie (I've always thought this was cute but my husband says it sounds like Tracy with a lisp :)

7. Glory (I really love virtue names for girls! My dear friend has a Hosanna and a Jubilee - so cute!)

8. Brock (loved it, almost named one of my children this but then found out it meant badger, ug. In fact, he was going to be Brock William and my dad kept calling him Broccoli Bill, double ug.)

9. Sadie (cute, old fashioned)

10. Alisandra (sort of unique)


Miss Serenity said...

Love the names, Mom! I don't think I ever knew you liked Alisandra. Cute! :)


womandriver said...

Since I am expecting we have been going over and over baby names. Usually it's for grandchildren and I have no say but this one's mine!! :)
Abigail is my favorite but hubby doesn't like it. So for a girl we picked Olivia Danae.

For a boy we are majorly undecided.
I like Josiah. He likes Garrett. Other names under consderation are Willie (after hubby's dad), Charles, Garth, Gavin, Jedediah,Isaiah, who knows what we will land on or even if we will have to worry about it. Should find out next month if it's a boy or girl.

Anonymous said...

Those are all cute, and unique too! I really like Sadie. :)