Monday, August 31, 2009

The School Room

You remember what we left the school room looking like..... here it was in the midst of cleaning, organizing and rearranging.

Here it was last night, ready for our open house. There are cookies and juice waiting on the table for our students. :) You can see the reading loft to the left and the bathroom door to the right.

Another view, to the left I put up an old fashioned pencil sharpener because I am DONE with electric ones, they always break! I use ice cube containers for pencils, markers, colored pencils, glue and tape. It works well for me.

The seating and relaxing area, the paper organizer and the smocks for art to the right.

Our dinosaur computer. Notice the paper on the windowed door, nobody can come in until the open house, it builds a tremendous amount of suspense!

This was really fun. I bought a little quart of magnetic paint from the craft store, to my surprise, it works!

Our l-o-n-g schedule. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I schedule our day to the half hour. I know that it make some people sweat just thinking about it, but again, it works for me. I like to know where everyone should be and what I should be doing. Daily, it saves me lots of thinking and even more time.

I use magazine holders to corral school books and big three ring binders for their weekly sheets and papers. This garbage can is new to our classroom and the little ones thought it was so wonderful. You can hit the lid and it goes around and around and around. It doesn't take a lot to impress around here!
Here is the previous wall paper in the bathroom, remember this stuff? I hated it! I came up with tons of ideas but ended up just painting plain white. It's so much better.
I glued numbers and letters to the vanity and mirror for pulls.
I think you should learn at all times!

Here are some of my little ones up bright and early for the first day of school. They went straight to the loft.

My big boy working hard at the desk.
My middle son loving his big boy status with his notebook this year.

Preschool time!
If you just adore looking at pictures of school rooms like I do, take a peek here to see what I did last year.


Michelle said...

Wow! I am totally impressed! I want to go do school at your house, lol! I can't even find room in our duplex to put up our maps and the posters that we are using for visual aids...Looking forward to one day having more space again! For now, I am content with the few little areas that school stuff is kept and having to put it away by dinner time!

Way to go, getting everything up and ready for your open house! I love that idea!

mama-aya said...

Hooray! It looks great! I adore the loft! How nice to have a real school room, and wow! the bathroom looks so nice and bright and clean.

JenT said...

It looks awesome! Our's is nothing like that. :)

Missi said...

The loft is very cool! I don't think I could get my kids to come down if we had one :) I would love to see your schedule up close and personal. Could you email it to me?

Centsible In Seattle said...

Wow...I do not know how you stay that organized with kids and homeschooling. Great job!

Maureen said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your blog. I am encouraged by your schedule... I am trying to have one ready for our first day :-)

Gail Heaton said...

the loft is where I'd put *my* desk!

The Ties that Bind Us said...

Very cute! I love the posters in the bathroom and the reading nook. It's a wonderfully functioning and organized space! You're kids are lucky to have you for their mommy. : )