Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week In Pictures

We did lots of gardening this week. I pulled up all of the green beans, plucked out every carrot I could find and brought in the biggest load of tomatoes thus far. Macho Man thought that this tomato was an interesting one.

With the help of Teresa's tomatoes I was able to can a double batch of salsa and had a full drier of tomatoes.

My school room has had a signs up all week, "KEEP OUT!" and "Construction Zone" so the children have resigned themselves to playing in the sun room for now. I put out the blocks on one side of the room and the kitchen set and play dishes/food on the other. The blocks have by far been the most popular. It's nice to see them building.
Here is how the school room has looked this week. I took things down, rearranged and moved furniture. I'm coming up to the deadline, though. We are having an open house for our children on Sunday evening where they will see the "new" classroom, get their daily schedule, weekly work assignment sheets and see their new curriculum. Yikes. I am running out of time! Our home school will start on Monday!
This beauty is the bathroom in the school room. I spent one whole day painting it. Pictures of the finished product to come!

This is my super duper surprise for my little ones. A reading loft. My dear husband spent many hours working on my projects this week, even though he had to work an early schedule (not his favorite), came home and did all of the baths and book reading so I could work on this room and then, when they were all in bed slaved over my lists of to dos. He's a really good Dad and an excellent husband.


Carrie said...

WOW Jennifer,
I wish we were neighbors....
I would love to see what wonders you could work in my school room!

Jennifer said...

I wish we were neighbors too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the loft! Good job, big brother! Love you all, Auntie Lexi