Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today's To Dos

Sundays are a work day for me. I look forward to it, really. I like having a good list to start out with, chores to get done and things to check off. The weekdays aren't really like that so it makes a nice change.

I generally have a lot of laundry on Sundays because I don't do any on Saturday and we change the beds today. All during the day I am running back and forth changing loads and putting things away. Laundry is one of my favorite chores so it is enjoyable. I love to sort dirty, smelly, wet clothes and put away that fresh, clean-smelling, nicely folded pile when it's all finished. It seems like such an accomplishment!

Since it is the beginning of the month, the big job of going through all of the coupons to get rid of the old and add in the new is here. I've got to get a menu nailed down for the week too. I plan to run to Albertson's today (double coupons in the Seattle papers) to take advantage of the sale that is one the back page of the ad for this week. It says that you'll receive a Catalina coupon for $10 when you spend $25 in participating Procter and Gamble products. Think diapers and Tide. Last week there was a P&G circular in the paper. Combine it all and it's a great deal.

Last on my list will be something I've been thinking of doing for a while. It may not get done today but I am trying to keep in on my mind and maybe work at it slowly. We have a room upstairs that is rarely used... I've been thinking of making it a preschool room for the rest of the winter with centers: dress up, kitchen, dolls, blocks and cars. This room has a lockable door - which I believe is essential to something like this. When you've got a lot of little ones and lots of toys out, inevitable it equals a big, huge disaster of a mess. I want this room to be used for about a half an hour a day in combination with their half and hour of preschool (crafts and activities) and half an hour of table toys (puzzles, building, sensory and other small motor development) times. This way the play in the new room can be monitored and the toys cleaned up after each use. It will be a special and looked forward to time. Something we need in these cold and seemly endlessly dark days of January and February!

-iron table cloths
-mend work clothes

-buy newspaper
-sort through coupon box
-clip and file this week's

-grocery list


Girl's bath
Boy's haircuts
Boy's bath
Clip nails x 4

Make soup

Make dinner

Preschool Room
-plan centers
-haul toys upstairs
-organize and decorate
-label centers

Why do I write about these things? To encourage you! I know that your list looks a lot like mine. Isn't fun to do this together? :)


Kim said...

I love a good list of to do's to mark off :) I also love to do laundry *sigh* I think its b/c its a 'chore' w/a definate beginning & definate ending (per load). we've tackled some 'spring cleaning' around here on this long weekend. between us 2 we've cleaned the dining clear down to shampooing the carpet, cleaned the living room & hallway to ready-to-shampoo level, working on laundry now, hung our wedding photo that's been sitting in the corner since we moved in 2.5 yrs ago, hung a shelf that's been waiting for a year, & some new bathroom decorations I picked up while Christmas shopping in December. Have chili in the crockpot, mixed up new 'dry onion soup mix' homemade, decluttered a 2 tiered shelf that was a display but became a catch-all, rearranged the linen closet, un-decorated from Christmas & started toward Valentine's, took 2 trips of cardboards to the recycling center & have another seat full ready to go :) Super productive weekend for us. thanks for giving me somewhere to post it!!

The Quiet Life said...

Actually, my list looks a lot like yours. I would be totally lost without lots of lists. Though, I don't do coupons and I only do meal plans, grocery list and shopping twice per month. Now if I could find coupons for fresh veggies and meat I would be cutting too.

Rachel said...

As umm...flighty and eclectic as I am, I love making lists and checking them off. I get a lot done. I do not, however, like laundry. It's my least favorite chore. I prefer chores I can start and finish without a lot of down time in the middle.

Carrie said...

NOW I KNOW I need to have you come and wisit for a few days....I need SO much help in my school areas....
THanks for the encouraging words...a couple things on my list these days...exercise and drink more water....

Roan said...

Hey Jennifer!
I think that the preschool room sounds great! Post pictures when you are done.
Here is a link to a post I did last May (I think) about how and why I began to run.

I still think that the running/walking plan I recently posted is the best.

That is great that you were walking 6 miles before your pregnancy. I would encourage you to walk until you recover from the birth, and then start the plan. I did not start running until my baby was 1, so I am not sure how early you CAN begin. Just ask your doctor, or gauge by how you feel.

I love lists too! I am working from one right now. We start school back tomorrow, and I have much to do today to prepare! I make my lists before I go to bed at night so I don't have to think about it all day!

Have a great day!!
p.s. you can click on the label, running in my right sidebar and view all of my past posts about running...just scroll through the ones about our races and such and sprinkled throughout I have posts about running..fitting it in your day. etc.