Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pantry Peek

Do you like to see how everyone else arranges their homes as much as I do? If so, here's a little peek in to my pantry.

When we first bought the house, the breakfast nook (which is now the pantry) was cramped. There was enough room for all of us to eat there but it had sort of a closed in feeling.

We used it for eating for a while. Although I have two other small pantry closets (one used to be a broom closet, I'm sure) somewhere along the line, I decided that I needed more storage, and began to eye the breakfast nook.

Since the built in, hinged benches with bead board are original to our old house, my husband said that he definitely wanted to keep those. I worked around them.

Hubby works at a grocery store. One night he brought me home these Smuckers display shelves that were going to be thrown out. I liked them because they matched my cherry wallpaper. To the right of that you can see my bags of flours and then my dorm-sized refrigerator. Can you believe that we have a condiment fridge? Man cannot live with a side-by-side alone! We have a nice big upright freezer but I do hope to one day have an freezerless fridge for my kitchen. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Here are some of my free buckets where I have sugar, peanut butter, rice, millet, and a couple other things. The buckets are sitting on a shelf that was on the wall when we moved in to the house, I just turned it upside down to make more space for things underneath. There I have bins for different things: garlic, beans, onions, etc. and a 15 pound bag of potatoes fits nicely next to the onions. You can see my huge bag of oats on the floor, I am slowly working toward the 16 gallon, stacking storage bins from IKEA for those really big things. So, for now, they stay in the bags.

I so love having a place for it all.

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