Monday, September 22, 2008

Make Your Own Vanilla

Homemade Vanilla

1 empty vanilla bottle
1 bottle of Vodka
1-2 Vanilla Beans

Split the vanilla bean on one side so that the top have is cut, being careful not to cut it all the way through. Place your bean(s) in the bottle and fill it with vodka. Shake the bottle once each day for 4 weeks.

It will then be ready to use. Each time you use your vanilla, top it off with vodka. Replace the vanilla beans every six months.


Chelsey said...

This is the BEST way to make Vanilla!! I'm told you can make it with brandy too.. but I haven't tried it! :)

Jennifer said...

Chelsey, have you tried it with Vodka yet? I didn't know about the brandy.

Hey, wait. Can you make either one? Do I need to rig up a still in the basement? :)