Monday, September 22, 2008

My Helpers

Last week we spent a whole afternoon in the kitchen. We shredded and froze 40 cups of zucchini and baked 10 more into 4 loaves of bread and 24 muffins. Creative Genius shredded one of these monsters all by himself.
We also were expecting guests that evening, a couple with nine children, so Girly Girl and I peeled lots of apples, making two pans of apple crisp for desert.

Here are my little dishwashers.
As hard as it is to have so much help in the kitchen, they really are a delight. My Girly Girl runs to get her apron on every time she sees that I am getting ready to make something. She pulls up a chair to help. I just love that.

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Devita said...

that must be fun.. doing something together with family:D