Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick Tip

My husband likes to eat healthily.... along with a daily dose of junk food that is! He likes to have snacks to take to work, he's really not picky, but the snacks he likes the best involve some form of chocolate.

So, to try to save $$$ and please my husband, I do a lot of baking.

Did you know that Fred Meyer has a "family size" Duncan Hines brownie mix for 99 cents every day? That's a deal these days, you can't find them on sale for that price at most other stores. When I do stop there to buy the ad items, I always pick up four or more boxes.

I make them, two boxes at a time, in 9x13 pans (with a few chocolate chips added in to the mix!) and when they are cool, cut and package them in twos with plastic wrap. Then slide them in to a gallon freezer bag. I do this with chocolate chip cookie dough too (best price for chocolate chips is Costco - we buy the big bag!) I will quadruple the recipe and make two 9x13 pans at a time, cooking for 20 minutes and cutting them in to bars. I package these up the same way.

When he needs a snack for work, he picks out what he wants and he's off in minutes. And there is no thinking on my part!


Chelsey said...

May I come and just sit at your feet??? I have been reading through your blog and your daughters blog (which by the way I have NO idea how I found them) and I am just so impressed.

I am the mom of five blessings so far and am really trying to get my self organized in my home and my schooltime with the children. Also, desperately trying to find ways to cut costs in every area especially the kitchen (but trying to remain healthy as my husband is a diabetic and I desperately need to loose some weight):) My hubby is a teacher so as you can imagine our income is small as well. We are trying to work our way out of debt (thank you to Dave Ramsey), so any corners we can cut all the better!

One of our challenges is that our family of seven lives in a small 1200sq foot home. I am blessed to have a roof over my head - so no complaints!) It is just a bit more challenging making it all fit!

Is there anyway you'd be willing to email me a copy of your master schedule? I know everyone is different, but I'd love to glean any information I can.

Thanks so much for your blog. It has been fun to read through your daily life! :)

Monica said...


It's always fun to meet new people online especially other Buckles. I'm really into family history myself it's like a really great treasure hunt.

I also noticed that you are from Washington. I am from Washington as well. I grew up in Tacoma, but then lived in Bellevue for a while.

Homeschooling has always been a dream of mine, but I just don't have enough confidence in my abilities to risk taking the leap. I did the next best thing and put my kids in a charter school that I can be really involved in. I really admire those that can homeschool. My aunt is a big homeschooler in Bellevue.

Monica Buckles