Friday, January 30, 2009

Challenge Update and Check In

We're 22 days in to the 30 day Fresh Thoughts Challenge. Can you believe it?
How are things, ladies? Are you meeting the goals that you made for yourself?

I've been getting in my five workout days most weeks. In fact, a neighbor invited me to come to her gym with her, she gave me a free week pass. I've been having a great time taking different classes. I've tried the water aerobics, which I've never done before and thought would be really easy, ha!, as well as some regular classes. Today we plan to meet up for some weight training and a bit of cardio on the machines. I've really enjoyed the novelty of the whole thing.

What about you ladies? Jennifer, Amy, Dalyn, Beulah, Kim, Rachel, Grace?


Kim said...

that does sound like fun!!

I have kept on the wii fit &/or Yoga class atleast 5 days/week, kept @ or over 60 oz of water daily.

thanks for checking!!
(you forgot someone in your list)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, so far it has gone okay. My organizational schedule has gone out the window a few times, but I try to at least get the essentials done (pack a lunch, go to bed on time) so I’m not rushed in the morning. It’s worked well so far, as I actually wake up feeling rested when I follow through with my plan. I’m still trying to do it daily, though. :) Thanks for your prayers!

Miss Serenity said...

Well, Mom, ahem ahem - I signed up too! - I'm doing alright with the challenge. I haven't been getting to bed at 10...more like 10:15 or so, but I feel like I'm getting good sleep.

Seren :)

His Talmidat said...

Will this start again in February? Let me know and I'll sign up!