Friday, January 2, 2009


I am really looking forward to Purim this year. It's coming up very soon, March 10th.

It's one of my favorite holidays, we get to dress up and enjoy a loud party. Even better, last night I had a shy young man at my door - unexpectedly - who asked to come in to "visit". I was pretty surprised by his sudden appearance at our home as he's never been to see us by himself. He's come to several of our get -togethers and attended the same Bible study we did when we first moved here. He's always been with his girlfriend. But I soon found out why, he wanted to ask permission to become engaged at our annual Purim party this year - of course, with out any knowledge of his future bride! That will be one exciting night!

If you haven't celebrated Biblical holidays before, this would be one to start with. Your children will never forget the story of Esther once you spend a night with friends and family focusing on her story and what the Bible says she did for her people.

My brother, who apparently has become a very good writer, has written a little bit on his blog, here. Go check it out.


Rose said...

So you have a party at your house? Can you tell me more about it? We've only celebrated biblical festivals for 2 years and with 2 little girls, I would like to make this part of their year. Our congregation has a Purim party, but it is usually last minute and late at night, too far for us to go. I'd love to hear what you do!

Tim Layne said...

Thanks for linking the article. I have also posted a nice piece on Tu B'Shvat dealing with Yeshua's ability to reconnect humanity to the Garden of Eden. You'll read of Yeshua's passion in a whole new way. I guarantee it.

Jennifer said...

Hi Rose,

Yes! And it sure is a lot of fun!

My husband was the children's pastor for our church one year and we did a wonderful party for the whole church with the youth group acting out the play. Although most of the congregation had no idea what we were doing, they all went along happily and had a great time.

At home, we usually invited other families with children, everyone brings food and as they get settled I let them pick from a hat - any one who wants to participate that is - and they get a part from the play. To make it even more fun, we even have a part for the table, chair, etc. It's usually some unexpecting adult. Oh, and, of course, everyone dresses up. That's the best part.

I try to take lots of pictures and email them out to the participants a day or two afterward. They are always so funny!

I hope you elect to have a party this year too... if you do will you let me know how it goes?


That lady with 6 daughters said...

Purim is our favorite holiday! We have some fun Purim songs that we enjoy, too.