Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Church Bag

I was repacking our church bag a couple of days ago. We attend a small (as in very, very) group that really can't be called a church in the formal sense of the word. There just aren't many messianic Jews around these parts. So we've settled with attending a group on Saturday afternoons for a little teaching and a little study.

Generally, my children are the only young people there. As much as I'd like for them to follow along with the discussion it just isn't always possible. Which brings me to the church bag. I'm forever on the look out for Bible story books and activities. These are placed in the bag and brought out only during Bible study. My newest addition are the little action figures in the left top corner of the picture. I was surprised to find several Bible characters with little books at our Dollar Tree. My children have had lots of fun with those.

Every once in a while I redo the bag. Putting in a few new surprises and things to do. Bible flash cards, quiet one player Bible games and coloring pages are always a big hit. They do look through and read the books over and over.


Kim said...

you inspire me in the ways that you find to make do w/what you have available! thanks for blogging about it all!!! :)

Rachel said...

Love the Bible action figures. I've not seen them at our Dollar Tree. :-( My kids are getting a bit big on things like that though they love pretend play still. I could get a couple of years use out of them. Did you get those recently?

I've seen action figures at Family Christian but the prices are so high.

Missi said...

I love the action figures. The kids would have so much fun with those

Erica said...

That is awesome, I'm going to have to stop and see if our Dollar Tree has some Bible action figures, I know they have some great little books sometimes! We are no longer homeschooling, but I just made a 'school' bag of books with lots of Bible stories (and abc & number books) in it. =)