Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back From The Dead

Our camera has been ressurected!

The other day it was 90 degrees outside according to the thermometer outside my kitchen window. I put the swimming pool out for the little ones and filled the sensory table with water for the baby to play in on the deck.

Next thing I know, my three-year-old yells in to the kitchen, "Moooommmm! The camera was in the sensory table but, don't worry, I got it out!"

Um? My camera?

Turns out, that yes, it was. My cheapy HP Photosmart would turn on but all you could see was a blurry light. I thought it was done for.

After three days of it drying out on the mantle. I am shocked and so surprised, it works!!! I feel like I just saved $300.00!

1 comment:

mama-aya said...

Hooray! Mine hasn't had a miraculous recovery yet (I think we did it in for good) but I'm glad yours is back!