Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Deal Alert!

Fred Meyer - Sunday, May 11 through the following Saturday, Tillamook butter 1 lb. is $1.50 - no limit, no coupon. That's better than Costco. Time to stock up!

Albertson's - They have special coupons out for today and tomorrow, they were in the Sunday paper but my store had a stack of them at customer service today... they double your manufacturer's coupon up to $1. Go here to print $1 off coupons for Ritz, Trisket, Planter's BIG Nut Bars and Wheat Thins - they'll be free with the in ad q's, printable q and doubler.


mama-aya said...

And don't forget that the Seventh Generation stuff is 40% off, AND you can print off coupons from their web site for $1 or $2 off different products. We bought unbleached disposble diapers for our trip for $6.49 or so, when they're usually almost $13!
Oh yeah- and the Tillamook cheese $3.99 for 2 lbs, which is cheaper than any other cheese, and healthier, since Tillamook is from pasteured cows.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the tips...I will DEFINITELY be getting some butter!