Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Week In Pictures

Tuesday was the second of Macho Man's pony riding lessons. He's enjoying them so much. His horse is named Wilbur.
Creative Genius came to the lesson with me. But, he would have nothing to do with the ride on the horses that the instructor offered to all of the siblings. He had a much better time climbing the fence during the class. Sweetie Pie was also came along. She was so excited to see the "ducks". Every animal is a duck to her still!

We got some school work done. Macho Man is almost at the end of his math book and I am excited to move him on to the next grade's work!

Here is Sweetie Pie "helping" with the dishes on my kitchen night. I should have named her Sassafras. She thinks she is at least ten years old. I can't convince her otherwise.
My two little sweeties. They are such good friends.

I hit the mother load in the book department this week!!! I'd posted on MOMYS (Mother of Many Young Siblings, go here to sign up for digests) a wanted to buy ad, asking for Sissy's English book for next year. A kind MOMY emailed back that she would GIVE me the book plus a bunch of other A Beka high school books. She shipped me a huge box full. What a blessing that was!
Then, while out on errands Mr. Right and I spied a book sale. I was shocked to see tons of books that I was interested in. Christian biographies, early readers, all of the Saxon math for 4th - pre-Algebra. I was packing box after box. The photo above is one of the boxes. That's what I call fun!

I had a wonderful mother's day. Not only was I served Belgian waffles in bed (made with my new professional waffle iron that I really wanted!), Sissy made me a beautiful gift. You'll have to go over to her blog to see what it is! :)

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