Monday, September 21, 2009

Eggy Morning Fun

Up for something a little different this morning?

Cut a hole in a piece of bread with a cookie cutter. Butter both sides of the bread and crack an egg in to the hole. Cook on the first side until the egg is set and then flip and cook on the other.
Easy, fun and works well for an egg breakfast when you are low on eggs!


Maureen said...

My kids love this breakfast as well ;-) I like the star... too cute! Have a great week! Maureen

mama-aya said...

I love it! I thought this breakfast was the height of sophistication when I was a child! And guess what? My egg lady just gave me 18 tiny pullet eggs, perfect for little cookie-cutter holes! Hooray!

Dawn said...

How fun! You have all the great ideas! I wonder if my raindeer cookie cutter will work? LOL