Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer is Really Over

Maybe I've been in denial, but it seems to me it was summer up until today.

We went to the fair last Friday where it was hot, we looked for shade to sit it to eat our lunches. Every day I've gone out to water the chickens and the garden and am glad to get in to the house where it is cooler.

Not today though. It's cold! The weather forecast is predicting freezing temperatures at night later this week. The kids asked for their coats to wear outside. So, I knew it was time.

My husband hung the heat lamp for the chickens and put glass in their window where the chicken wire has been all summer. I picked all of the rest of the gourds, pumpkins and the last of the tomatoes. All of those plants are now in the compost bin and the garden looks so empty! I ate one of the last mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwiches (oh, how I will miss those!) I notice that our Pin Oaks are starting to turn on some outer branches.

My third child and middle son turned seven today (this is totally off the subject, but he asked for french toast for breakfast, Dad's egg pancakes for lunch and my pancakes for dinner - crazy kid), reminding me of the year I was pregnant with him. I remember sitting out in a sukkah, trying to stay warm. I remember the party, the people and wearing blankets around my legs.

This year Sukkot is a little later. This year the fall season has come a little later.

Fall is my favorite time of year, it is just beautiful. But, I sure enjoyed summer this year. I felt like we lived the season to it's fullest, being outside almost every day, walking, gardening, picking, canning, camping, swimming (in the little tiny kiddy pool!) and enjoying every minute of it.

I want to do the same with this season. I need to remember to be close to creation, more outside times, more walks, more bonfires, more pumpkin pies and squash casseroles, more leaf piling and leaf jumping.


Teresa said...

went to the fair yesterday saw some of Serenity's goods. A job well done!! Any updates on the classes she is teaching? I miss seeing you guys!

hip chick said...

Autumn is such a beautiful season. I love being outdoors in the crisp air and then coming in where it's warm. It makes us appreciate our cozy homes and happy families.