Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wilderness Family

While on our weekend camping trip, I was wondering, why is it that we do this? We pack practically everything we own in to our van to go and sleep where there are no beds, no running water, no HEAT with lots of bugs, wild animals and COLD. It's such a weird thing to do.

And, while camping, you think you will be out in nature, resting and relaxing,

Well, maybe some people do, but the rest of the time you,

Pass the time waiting to eat, again.

Endlessly move things from your vehicle, rearrange things, can't find many things that you KNOW you brought, like the baby wipes.

You swim. Even when mom says, "We are just wading!" Of course you will need a third outfit to roll in the dirt with after the above mentioned activity.

You do gymnastics on fallen logs,

you climb up on stuff,

you play in the fire (lots and lots of this),

you go fishing, and even when you catch nothing, you can't stop talking about what fun it was.

And, of course, you play in the tent. Then, you pack it all back up in the van and talk about nothing but clean clothes, showers and beds all the way home. Funny thing, camping is.


mama-aya said...

You're so funny! And, um, true.
Nine days and bears, is all I'm saying. It's priceless.

Michelle said...

Funny discription of camping...and so true, lol! Looks like your family had a wonderful time!

Missi said...

Very accurate description of camping. And we love camping :) As a matter of fact, we are tent camping for Sukkot this year for the first time. Should be interesting!

Gail Heaton said...

Missi, we too are thinking of camping this year for Sukkot - even if it is only on the back portion of our acrage!