Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making Yogurt

Making yogurt is one of the things that I never thought that I could do. Then I tried it. Easy! You can do it too!
You need:
a gallon of milk and about 8 ounces of yogurt Everything I've read says that you should use Dannon plain when starting out but I used Safeway brand and it's turned out just fine.
The first time I made yogurt, it turned out a little thin. I read that you can add 2 Tbs. of powdered milk to your cold milk to make a thicker yogurt. That little trick works well.

Directions: Pour your milk in to a pot. Put a thermometer in with the lid on. I use a metal stemmed meat thermometer but candy thermometers work well.

Turn your burner on to medium heat. I used to stand there and stir, which took forever, now I just leave it alone and it's fine. While you are waiting it to reach the right temperature, go fill your sink with cold water.

and a cooler with hot tap water.

When the yogurt temperature is up to 185, it's done. Place it in your cold water bath.

When the yogurt is cooled down to 130 degrees, mix your yogurt in. Incorporate it well.

Pour it in to your jars. Don't forget to make one specifically to start your next batch. I always label it and hide it in the back of the fridge.
Here I am using old jars. When I was taking all these pictures this afternoon, I broke my favorite gallon jar that I use for yogurt! I hope that one on the left doesn't turn out to be pickle flavored!

Place your filled jars in the hot water bath in your cooler. Don't touch for three hours. If you leave it longer, it turns out fine. Place in the fridge. And there you have it... a gallon of fresh yogurt for the same price as you paid for a gallon of milk!

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Truefemininity said...

Thank you for this recipe! I'm going to put it to use as soon as I can.