Thursday, July 17, 2008

Preschool for the preschoolers

In our country we think preschool is all important. We have federally funded and state funded programs to send "needy" children to preschool to get ahead before beginning school. Hillary Clinton thinks early schooling should be available to all children and wants to add classes for four-year-olds to every school.

Me? I went. I remember cookies and juice and playing Farmer in the Dell. Can't say how much farther I was along academically by my attendance.

When I think of the preschool years for my own children. I would like it to be a time to lay a broad, strong foundation in which to build upon in the schooling years that are to come. I want them to have a basic knowledge of the Bible: including Bible stories and an understanding of how to love their neighbor (literally the ones that they will go through life with, their siblings), servant hood and age-appropriate self control. In addition to that all important topic, I try to provide different pre-math, pre-writing and creative activities for each of them.

I spend about an hour a day with three of my children doing what we call preschool time. I read them picture books to teach Bible stories, memorize scripture with them, sing songs, do some calender and weather charting activities and provide some hands on preschool-type activities each day. Although I looked at many preschool curricula, I decided that I could do it myself better and cheaper.

I just love the preschool years. I especially love being home to teach my preschoolers. I do cherish that hour that I've set aside to be with them at their level. I'm shocked and so very surprised at what they can memorize and retain. My little Girly Girl just had her second birthday this last weekend and can spout off all sorts of memory verses. Who would have known?

In upcoming posts I plan to go further in detail about what I've done for preschool, recipes for all of the fun concoctions, and hints and tips for the preschool teacher. Stay tuned!

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