Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The War

And I'm not talking about Iraq here.

I'm talking the battle of the bulge.

My bulge got seriously out of control somewhere along the line. In the last five years I've been pregnant six times.... I've got four babies out of the deal and a..... um..... little bit (ok, ok, a LOT) more.

I had my little sweetie pie this last March. The first twenty or so pounds came off pretty easily but after that nothing else was budging. So I decided that I needed to get serious about weight loss.

I am one of those that has been on every diet in the world and for those past five years, Weight Watchers had been where I'd run to for a while after each baby (little good it did, I know). This time around I just didn't want to spend the $10 a week to go. I know the deal. I can do it if I really wanted to.

Then I found Calorie Counter Plus. It's like Weight Watchers online but FREE. Go over and make yourself an account. It'll tell you how many calories to eat a day to get to the weight you want to be by the date you want to get to it by. You can log in your foods and it will automatically give you a calorie count. I even loaded the tool bar so I can just point and know how much I've got left for the day. In the exercise log, it will tell you how many Big Macs you worked off for the exercising you did. My very favorite feature though, is the weight log. It gives me a nice graph of my weight loss.

I've lost 54 pounds since March (and that's like, what, 216 sticks of butter?!) And if I can, you can too!

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