Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Fun

How's preschool going at your house? Are you scheduling time in with your preschoolers every day? Running out of fun things for them to do?

Try this classic preschool activity, noodle necklaces. Not only is it fun and a bit challenging for some but they will be developing their fine motor skills, the ones that they will need later for writing. Hand-eye coordination is also playing a part here, something else that they need every day.


A package of noodles, find one that has a larger hole
Side note: *If you want colored noodles like the ones shown above, you need to think ahead and using just enough rubbing alcohol to cover the noodles in a bowl or ziplock bag, add a generous amount of food coloring. Let them sit that way for a little while and then lay them out on paper towels to dry. Remember to use more than one bowl for more than one color. Once they are dry they are ready for any number of preschool or early schooling uses, sorting, use as counters, crafts, sensory experiences. This also works great for rice and looks so nice in a sensory table.*
yarn, floss, string or lanyard
a plastic needle or use tape wound around the end of the yarn to make it stiff for threading

Give each child a choice of colors to string on his or her yarn. If you want to add a little math in do some patterning. One red, one yellow, one red, what comes next?

Add some fun foam shapes or paper cut outs between each noodle for an even more glamorous necklace.

All this just too complicated for you? The easy way is to cut up some plastic drinking straws in to sections and just thread those. You can get some great colors these days and it's easier than coloring noodles.

Have fun with your little ones today!

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