Friday, October 31, 2008


In our house the preschoolers are Speed Racer and Girly Girl, officially. But Creative Genius also goes to preschool times because he still enjoys them. Sweetie Pie even gets in on a few story times when she isn't down for her morning nap yet.

This is how it works. There are two half hour blocks dedicated to the preschoolers, specifically. My daughter, Sissy, does one that we call Way Fun Preschool Time and I have one about an hour after that.
Sissy has planning sheets that I made up for her. Using a theme-based plan, she orders books from the library, plans crafts, songs and other experiences based on the subject of the week. This preparation as well as the classroom time is part of her learning too, she's taking Early Childhood Education here at home. Some of the things that they have studied so far this year are fall leaves, farm animals and flowers. This month she's working on community helpers, so right now they are learning about police and next week will be fire fighters.

It is often a challenge for Sissy to come up with things that the children will enjoy and understand at this age. I am having her keep her planning sheets with all of the things she's done for the week (and what worked and what didn't) in a notebook for future reference. Not only is the trial and error way of learning something that she'll remember, but she'll have ready-made plans for her own children some day.

During my preschool time, I focus on teaching a training my children in the way that they should go. I am working my way through the Bible, reading children's Bible stories, memorizing verses with the children and teaching them other basic things that they need to know. Their address, phone number, how to tie their shoes, that kind of thing. I don't generally do crafts but during the fall feasts I did do special games and decorations with them.

Preschool times have really been a hit with our little ones. They feel special and look forward to doing the activities that they don't get to do at other times of the day. It is a memorable time for everyone involved.

I cherish my time with just my little ones. I hope this post encourages you to spend that extra-special time with yours today.


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

It sure would be nice to have you teach us all about the fall feasts! I have a book, but honestly, hands on is so much better. YOu are such a good mamma *U* Thanks for sharing!

Rose said...

So excited about this post! I've had it in my reader, waiting until I had a semi-quiet moment to read it.

I just started doing preschool activities with my 2 year old and we're having fun. I got the Before Five in a Row curriculum because it is basically what you did, themes. I love that you have your daughter working with them! Maybe she can come teach me :0)

Thank you for reminding me to be simple and make God the foundation. And fall festivals were our favorite!