Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden Update

My garden is doing well! I just love to look at everyone else's garden so here's a peek at mine.

I have five square foot garden boxes. Here's the tomato box. Macho Man and I put that together. I think it's 8 feet long!

Every day I've been able to pick more peas. It looks like we'll have a great strawberry harvest from the thirty plants I got this year. You can see the green beans here too. The Danver half long carrots are getting bushy.

I have a full box of lettuce and another half one with corn. It's all up and looking great. The pumpkin, squash and melons finally came up and are doing well.

Here is my little raspberry patch, the blueberries are at the top, forming an "L" shape.

The lavender is in bloom and my tiny little rhubarb and still hanging in there (you can see one at the very left corner of this picture).

My grape vine. Although these are super hardy, I am afraid I've killed it in the big move we had earlier this spring. I know they are one of the last things to come back but this is June!

My two little peach trees have peaches! That's more than I can say for the apple, the apricot and the plum. They are still doing well, and being their first year (my peaches are in their third year), it may just be better for them all around.

The bees are buzzing busily all over the place. The chicken tractor is being built (I am so excited!) for my five little chickens. Ah... summer is here.


Missi said...

Your garden looks great! All we've gotten from our garden so far is starwberries. Everything else is still working. We need to build a chicken tractor, too. We will be getting chickens from my mom as soon as our tractor is ready.

Kim said...


I haven't taken any photos of our veggie garden yet tho I am in the process of posting photos of my flowers right now.

our tomatoes & peppers are doing well but the only thing up is green beens & the are but 2 leaves so far! we got a very late start.

Miss Serenity said...

You've done so well with this garden, Mom. You've really put a lot of reaserch, thought, work and sacrifice into it for our family to be able to have good, heathy food at a cheap price. I'm proud of having such a great mom!

I'm glad I can learn this new skill from someone who is getting good experience in gardening before I get married (not that it's coming all that soon :) instead of having to learn it all by myself!


Jennifer said...

I paid her to say that. Really.