Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kitchen Helpers

Some of us cook in our underwear.

It is summer and I just can't keep my boys in clothes half the time! I'm trying to be strict on the "no shoes no shirt no service" rule but I thought this was a cute representation of real life.


Missi said...

LOL. That is too funny. When it gets warm I constantly have Elijah asking me, "Mommy, can I be naked boy?" Usually the answer is no, but sometimes I'm more lenient when he asks to be "undie boy".

Gail Heaton said...

I miss those days of 'naked boy' and 'undie boy'. I have a great picture of my then diaper-clad, Tennessee livin' oldest boy wearin' just the diaper, cowboy boots and a smile. That was his standard gear. He is now 13.