Thursday, June 25, 2009

KP Duty

We've been working in the kitchen all afternoon. Speed Racer helped me mix up a four loaf batch of banana bread, two loaves with lots of walnuts for the kidlets and two loaves with chocolate chips for Daddy. We will slice them and wrap pieces individually for the freezer.

Girly Girl and Sweetie Pie helped me with quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies. Since I had some cookies at a mom's retreat that Carrie made, I've been using an ice cream scoop to make them (baking 10 minutes per batch). It works perfectly and everyone is always impressed. We have guests coming (Grammy and Grampy and our good friend Thema) this weekend and always try to have a Saturday night game night when my parents come, where those cookies will be perfect.

Creative Genius found his own way to do his work. I asked him to peel potatoes for the potato salad I'm mixing up for a barbecue. He brought pillows and set up his own work station. He was a trooper and peeled about 8 or 10 big Costco potatoes.
Now it's time to get all those hard workers washed, jammied and brushed. Bed time is on the horizon!

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