Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Exercise

This summer I resolve to get out more. Out in the sunshine with my children. Everyday!

Around the end of April I started walking to help my children get their miles in for the marathon they were running. (Here is Macho Man going strong. He did really well and enjoyed himself.)

Now that the marathon is over, I could stop walking but I decided that walking four days a week wasn't so bad. And guess what? I'm up to five miles a day now!

Four mornings a week you'll find me at the park pushing a double stroller with one child hanging on, another child in front of me and another bringing up the rear pushing another stroller. It's quite a sight but I sure feel good about getting out to exercise.

Those five miles, four times a week coupled with a hydro-fit class (a.k.a. water aerobics on steroids) two days a week is my plan for helping to kick myself back in to some semblance of a better shape.

I officially commit to this level of activity for through August. Thanks for the accountability!

(Oh, and the picture at the top just happens to be the stroller I am buying the minute I become rich.)

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Grace said...

I saw this stroller in person probably a year ago. It did intrigue me but then I realized apart from a really young infant this is a terrible stroller for a child. All they will see is the back of their sibling's seat - not so much fun. I was blessed to find the stroller of my (current) dreams on craig's list barely used - the Kolcraft Contours®
Options® Tandem. Check it out and let me know what you think, I'm loving it!