Friday, July 17, 2009

All American Pass Time

Forget about baseball and apple pie. Jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler underneath beats all that. Especially when it's 105 degrees out! Here's my four-year-old Speed Racer enjoying himself:


Lisa said...

oh my goodness, if I scroll it just right, I can actually see it in motion. looks like fun :)

mama-aya said...

I won't even tell Avery! He'll wither up and die of jealousy! Wow! That looks like so much fun- I never would have thought to combine a sprinkler and a trampoline... of course my attorney husband won't allow a trampoline anyway... but still, I feel cooler just looking at your little guy! So cute!

Rachel said...

I was going to write what Lisa did-I can see the motion. LOL