Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Biggest Weakness

I am procrastinating. And I'm not really a procrastinator.

I need to get ready for a little vacation and instead I headed off to Walmart after my little ones were in bed. Walmart with no plan and no list. What do you think I ended up with?

Matching clothes for my kids, that's what. It's all so cheap (relatively speaking) that I just can't say no to myself!

Now it's 11:43 pm and I still have dinner dishes to wash and a van to pack! But, my kids will all be super cute!!! Can anyone relate? :)


JenT said...

Oh, yeah. Know what ya mean. I go in with a list and come out with more than what I had on it. I usually match the kids when we go out. But I mostly find the boys shirts at Goodwill and make the girls jumpers.

Rachel said...

How on earth do you pit cherries? You have been busy, busy.

Karen said...

I saw that no one else had commented yet and thought you might be feeling bad. I have 3 boys who are 4,5 and 7 and if I see stuff in those sizes I have to be really careful so you are not alone - I can relate!