Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Birthday Girl

Well, it's happened. My daughter is 16. I can't believe it. Now she's even talking about driving a car. Driving a car, can you imagine?

We quietly welcomed her birthday at home on Thursday. She chose to have blueberry pancakes for breakfast and her favorite cream cheese and veggie sandwiches on french bread for lunch. She wasn't supposed to have any chores that day... but being as indespensable as she really is, she did end up helping her mom anyway. :)

I really wanted this birthday to be a special one. I would have bought her this if I could have... (doesn't it look like something you'll see with the name Barbie written on the side?)

But, lacking funds for such a purchase, I came up with a plan. I contacted all of the woman that I could think of that had an impact in Serenity's life. I asked them to make a quilt square for her. The results were truly amazing. Each square was so different, beautiful and unique. It turned out better than I could have imagined.

I think there were fifty plus squares in the end. Thank you to everyone who participated! She was so surprised (amazing, due to the fact that I have a very hard time keeping secrets, especially from those I am with 24/7!) Many people who we haven't talking with in years were able to send a square, former teachers, Sunday school and Awana leaders, old friends and pen pals.
This weekend, my parents came to visit. That is always a treat for all of the children, but Serenity's grampy made sure that she had a special birthday by getting her what she really wanted, an ice cream cake! I am thankful that she has such a sweet spirit and is so easy to please. :)

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