Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Glance at the Garden....

After many years of set backs and let downs, I am happy to report that my garden is doing really well!
This is some squash-like thing that came up in my compost. One of many. I planted it in this container and it's been going wild! I think it may be a seed from one of the gourds that we got from friends. They were a beautiful addition to the sukkah, the festival will be in early October this year and I'm looking forward to having some more to decorate with.

The tomatoes.

I just recently got some actual fruit but I have a TON of flowers.

My tiny little moon and stars watermelon. It took forever to come up. I've been giving it lots of extra water and it seems to be thriving now.

My first little pepper.

The zuchinni. This is what I used to make that fabulous relish last year. I made about 25 pints and just opened that last of it the other day. I sure appreciated all of the zuchinni I'd been given. Now I can make my own relish with my own squash!

Curly little green beans. We've had some for dinner already. So tasty!

Two of the four cucumbers.
We've really enjoyed the lettuce. It's just wonderful to run out the back door and pick some for dinner salads. Just between me and you, I'm running out in the mornings to snag some for breakfast smoothies too. With the red cherries and raspberries that have been going in to them recently, you can't even see the green color. And, the less they know, the better! :)
The Amish pie pumpkin. I can't wait to get a few on the vine.

Thanks for taking a peek. I just love looking at pictures of everyone else's gardens. It you have a recent post with your garden pictures please leave the link in the comments.


Kim said...

what a yummy looking garden!!! I am going to get some snaps of mine next week but its sad compared to yours! hoping for bigger & better (& earlier) next year!! :) tfs!

Missi said...

Your garden looks great! Our moon and stars watermelon plants are huge now. We still don't have any fruit on them, though. Waiting ...

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your garden looks prosperous. I love gardening, I find that there are few things as satisfying.