Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Blessings

Today was my thirty-fifth birthday.

Mr. Right and I went to Torah study as always, but my children stayed home. This is unusual, the boys always come. They wanted to stay home, I knew something was up.

When we got home, this sign was on the door. We were instructed to take an envelope that contained tickets for different events.
The house was decorated with balloons, streamers and birthday signs.

The table was set with birthday cups and plates...

and a big mint chocolate cake.

There were games: pop the balloon, pin the tale on the goat (the artist was frustrated with his picture, it was supposed to be donkey but he thought it looked like a goat!)
and musical chairs.

I was given several gifts.
The big one is from my brother-in-law, who is a real gift-giver. He bought me three candle sets and a sweet card. My eldest daughter made me a little pillow and embroidered "Happy Birthday Mom" and the Proverbs 31 verse, "And her children will rise up and call her blessed." I got cards and drawings from three of the children and Speed Racer made me a little heart out of pearler beads.
My husband gave me a video tape with an interview from all of the children and himself saying all of the things they loved about me. That was a very special gift, that I am sure I'll watch many more times. I liked it so much that I told him that's what I want every year!

What a wonderful and blessed birthday I've had.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birthday, rich with what really and all your blessings!!

Happy Birthday, Jennifer.


Cheri said...

What an awesome birthday surpise!!! That was very sweet of your kids. You must be so proud of them. :)

Grace said...

Glad your birthday was such a good one!


Dawn Rosevelt said...

Wow Jennifer, you are blessed with such a thoughtful family. Happy birthday!

Becki said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a blessing!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday! It is so fun to see the kids excited about doing something for mom and dad!

You look so good in your picture, girl!