Thursday, March 19, 2009

Passover Cleaning Report

I working on my cleaning for Passover list. It's long! The other day I went up to do the boy's room. Which, from the outside looked clean. Then I moved the beds. Ha! Since I was up there, looking around, I decided that the time had come to get rid of the little purple flowers on the wallpaper and the lace curtains that had been hanging there since my daughter left the room over a year ago, had to go.

This is a picture of the room when we first looked at the house, before moving in. It pretty much looked the same up until now, you can't tell that there is purple flowered wallpaper to the right, but there is!

So I made some curtains out of a sheet I found in the closet and painted the room.
I wanted to paint it blue but was out voted by everyone, including my husband. So, now the boys have a brown bedroom with cute airplane curtains that, you have to admit, just beg for blue paint. The boys, on the other hand are begging to make it a cowboy bedroom (Creative Genius) or an army bedroom (Macho Man).

This is a view of their newly organized closet which is where all of my sheets and extra blankets are stored. (No dressers in the bedrooms - see this post for more on that) What do you think?

My list for today shows upstairs bathroom and supply closet. Doesn't sound too hard - but I hope to paint the inside of my hundred year old medicine cabinet and clean out the linen closet in the bathroom. Lots of dust will also be eradicated from the picture rails. I'd better get to it, I've procrastinated long enough!

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