Friday, April 24, 2009

Genetic Modification

Looking well to the ways of our household means more than dusting and laundry. It means keeping a keen eye out for your family's well being, that includes what comes in and what we bring in to the household. What you brought home from the grocery store today for one. Genetically modified food... what do you know about what you are feeding your children?

Here is part one in a three part YouTube series.


The Ties that Bind Us said...

I once went to the grocery store and left with nothing. I couldn't put anything in to my shopping cart. I was disgusted by what I knew. I was confused by my actions and didn't know what to do. True story. After much prayer and consideration I ultimately left my health up to the Lord. We can't afford to buy organic anymore and don't have the resources to find real food. The Lord knows my heart and I hope he honors what I wish I could do. When we bless our food before we eat it, it is really a plead with the Lord to sanctify our earthly bodies.

Lisa said...

yes- GMO's disgust me, I wish we had labeling requirements here, like they do in the UK. I think most people simply do not know they are so common. I also think that patenting genetically modified dna is absolutely evil- the whole "food industry" is, in my opinion, just as corrupt as the drug industry.