Thursday, April 9, 2009


While Sissy and I stayed home (things were not as done on the big day as I'd previously hoped) to iron table cloths and tend to last minute details, Mr. Right took everyone else to the park. He snapped this picture when the older four were riding in front of him. I just loved it!

While they were away we worked hard on getting things ready. The tables had been a source of worry for me. With beautiful borrowed, gold-rimmed place settings and crystal glasses, they turned out to be perfect. Why do I always worry? My husband says, "It always works out." whenever I fret over the little details.

As people began to arrive, women were talking in their groups and

the men in theirs.

Our fearless leader directing from one end of the table and

my husband reading from the other.

My daughter and her friend, Rebecca, provided entertainment by singing Kadosh.

Our dinner menu came in courses. First the traditional matzo ball soup, a green salad, and then the main course with lemon chicken, red potatoes and glazed carrots. We rounded out the meal with a layered matzoh, strawberry and pudding desert. (Sorry, no pictures here. I was running around like a crazy getting everyone served!)
Many cups of juice and

and glasses of wine later....

Oy vey!


Tara said...

Looks like a wonderful dinner! You all did a great job. The table setting was done to perfection and so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have helped you clean up the kitchen :)

Lanita said...

That looks like you and Serenity put a lot of work into it (before and after). I have attended two Seders, one Ralph and I put on for over 100 people (of course, we didn't do all the work though) and then one where we were guests. I really enjoyed them both.

Rachel said...

Someday I hope to attend a Passover meal.

Fruitful Harvest said...

I love the last picture best....the aftermath of a great party!
A Jewish Rabbi came to our church and lead us in a Sedder Passover Supper last weekend!


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

geous- mucho work. One of those ladies is in my Hebrew class! Yeah!