Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oh my, when opportunity knocks, you'd better answer.

I'm sure that I'm not the only women who has read Titus 2 and, with a sigh, dreams danced in my head of a mentor to help me along this journey of womanhood. Ah ha! Now this has come along and, I, for one, am jumping at the chance!

There is a give-away attached to all of this...

Here I am quoting directly from The Tie That Binds Us, "This week's give-away at Our Lifestyle of Learning is commencing a new Mentoring Moms theme. This new Mentoring Moms section will have articles submitted by moms that have a lot to share from their down in the trenches experiences. Each month a new mentoring mom will be featured and she will write a new article for us to ponder on each week. Coming in May, Kris from Wierd Unsocialized Homeschoolers will be the first mom to share in May. I've followed Kris' blog for some time and she is a wonderful mother. I know you will enjoy meeting her.

Back to this week's give-away. In keeping with the Mentoring Moms theme, we have a 3 month subscription to The Homemaker's Mentor to give-away to one person that brings in 2 new members to Our Lifestyle. Blog about it, email your friends, facebook, tweet, or call them! Make sure that they put your name down as the person that referred them so you get the credit. If YOU are new, then guess what? You count for 1 person and you just need to invite a friend. There is even something for the 3 runner-ups. They will receive a sample of lessons donated by The Homemaker's Society. Winners will be randomly drawn on May 2nd.

What is The Homemaker's Mentor?
If you have ever wished for a friend or older woman to hold your hand and teach you skills you have always wanted to learn, The Homemaker’s Mentor is for you. A friendly hand reaching out to help you with lessons that can make your homemaking experience joyful and rewarding. As each lesson is learned your homemaking skills increase and are refined. Though the hustle and bustle of life may surround you and your family, your home will become a welcome haven for all who enter. You will find a deep enjoyment in being a homemaker by learning from older, like-minded women who have traveled the way before you and can look back and help you overcome life’s struggles as a homemaker."

Go sign up today! Free, easy, access to the answers to your homemaking questions!

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