Monday, April 20, 2009

A New Album from Alaina and Roman La'Voy

Although the release date has yet to be announced, I’m looking forward to a new and independent album from two promising artists. Alaina and Roman La’Voy have been recording tracks for Empty Rooms With Sounds of Prayer. With tracks like Oseh Shalom the album is recognizably Jewish and is still kitschy enough to be called messianic…but its kitschy cool. The sound is definitely folk…but folk frum. It’s going to be a CD with a vinyl soul.

When asked, Roman La’Voy explained that for him the most important track on the album is one entitled Teach Me to Overcome “because,” he said “every one struggles in faith.” The album strikes me as a refreshing folk soundtrack behind a Torah life.

Preview a selection from the album and show your support at

(I just copied and pasted this from my brother's blog... forgive me Tim... but I just LOVE Roman's last CD. I look forward to hearing this new one.)

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Anonymous said...

I will have to check this out. I love Jewish music. I love the style and the lyrics and the beat. It is usually soothing or makes you feel like getting up and dancing (and I am not a dancer:)