Friday, April 24, 2009

Week in Pictures

My littlest one riding our biggest horse. She's a daring one.

This is what our kitchen floor looked like. When we moved in we took off layers and layers of linoleum flooring, plywood and more. What was left was this green felt on the hardwood. I was ready to go buy something at the home center but my purist husband thought otherwise. He really wanted to restore it back to it's original splendor.

Scrapping, scrapping, scrapping. The floor had too many layers of felt-ish stuff on it. The sander couldn't take that off, so it was done by hand.

The sander that we rented from Home Depot.

Here's what the floor looked like after the scraping and sanding.

Of course, Macho Man had to try this big machine out. Although the floor looks great in these pictures, there was still much to be done. Mr. Right then began filling cracks with wood putty and then sanding that with a hand sander.

The preschoolers playing in shaving cream.

Big Sissy went to help her former cake decorating teacher with some orders that she had. She really enjoys going to Alena's because she continues to learn from her. To Sissy's surprise Alena slipped her some money on her way out the door.

She was so excited when we got in the car and realized that she'd gotten $50 for her day of work!

In the garden, my peas are up, I've seen little green shoots coming up in the carrot squares and I've found some green leaves in the cabbage section. Until just yesterday I was really discouraged about all of my lettuce, none of them were showing any signs of life. Then I saw some spinach finally!

Someone lost his two front teeth!

If you wanted to spend any time with Dad this week, it was through the bars of the chairs while watching him work.

Macho Man turned 11! Here he is opening his card to find out he's taking riding lessons beginning next week. He was so excited!

Mr. Right is still working on perfecting the kitchen floor right now!


Dawn said...

Love it Jennifer! So great to see your kids even though you are SO far away from us now!
You are doing such an awesome job in your home! Can't wait to see that kitchen when it is done!

Missi said...

That floor is awesome! I'm jealous.

Tasha said...

Awesome. I love that floor!
I see you're doing the square foot garden. Please share where you got the pieces of wood to go on top to make the individual squares?