Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

The holidays are over. I know we still have to ring in the New Year but around here, we don't do much to that end. I do however, like to take a look at things, an honest look.

How's our schedule going?

Ok for the most part. There are a few more months of these long and dark afternoons. I'd really like to add in another daily activity or two so that they seem to go by more quickly. I think I need to get back to reading a chapter book regularly.

Exercise -

I'm so thankful to say that we've been faithful to this one. Most weeks we get five workouts in a week. I'm trying to continue circuit training with lots of weight lifting at least two of those days. I feel so much stronger for it. I feel like I need to prepare for the marathon ahead (giving birth!) As for the children, my youngest five have consistently been having bike time in the house every afternoon. I'll be so glad when the weather turns back to warmer days and we can have our daily outside time again. I miss it.

Eating -

Today is the last day of lingering junk in our house. All of these holiday foods have snuck in to our house one way or another. I'll be putting out all of the left over cookies, breads and candies for the Bible study at our house this afternoon. I am not sad to see it go, I'm so sick of the sugar!

One other change I've been thinking long and hard about, and I'm sure it won't be well received, is foregoing snack times around here. Right now I'm offering fruit for morning snack at 10 and something in the afternoon at 3. Admittedly, the afternoon snacks are not as healthy as they could be. I often make cookies or other sweeter things for this time of day. I was talking to a friend recently who told me she just does fruit in the morning and veggies in the afternoon. I'm thinking of making up a tray of fruit in the morning that will be available until lunch and the same for a vegetable tray until dinner. It will be on a help yourself basis. We'll see how it goes.

School - All three older children are chugging along with their lessons. I'm thinking of taking a little break and starting a unit study in the middle of January and having it last two weeks or so. I'm not sure of the topic yet but I'm thinking hands on activities and a few writing assignments and lap books. Since we haven't had any sort of break since September (we go right through the holidays) I think they will enjoy it.

The House - I'd like to get our kitchen painted and the cupboards done. They've been sitting undone for an awful long time and I plan to make this room a priority. I have been thinking of having a meeting with my daughter and deciding to focus on one room per week or month to get it decluttered, organized, rearranged or whatever it needs. We have a whole room in our basement dedicated to garage sale stuff, anytime I find things I don't need, it's been going down there. We plan to have one of the earliest and best garage sales around. I'd like to make a lot of money toward our metal framed pool fund.

Looking toward the spring -

I have been pouring over seed catalogs and imagining the biggest and best garden ever! But, in reality I'm having a baby right smack in the middle of gardening season and I want to be realistic - that's hard! I wanted to do a three sisters garden this year as the native Americans did when the pilgrims came. I had an image in my mind of several circles in our yard but, I think I'm going to try one and keep it to that, the strawberries, tomatoes and peppers. I'm going to have each of the kids pick something to plant and take care of. My oldest son really wants a few flowers around the house and my oldest daughter wants to grow some crazy and different vegetables. I'm glad that they are interested in involved this year.

I'll get another colony of bees and try again with that! I'd also like to try and raise a few baby chicks on our own this spring as an educational activity.

I've been looking through baby clothes and picking out the little white newborn hats and onesies. Could it be that in just 21 weeks I'll have a new little one? It's hard for me to imagine! Over the next months I need to get the birth kit together and prepare the house for the arrival of the baby.

That's it! The tide is turning toward and new and better year. If you have or decide to write up a plan for yourself, please comment or send me your ideas, I'd love to hear what you are doing!
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Carrie said...

I don't have a plan yet, but for unit studies, it may be fun to either study the Olympics, as in games or Canada since the Olympics are right around the corner in our neck of the woods.

I will get that video to you soon...

Rachel said...

Great update. TFS