Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Return of a Prodigal.... Chicken

I wrote that last post at about 4 am yesterday. On a whim I decided to go outside in the frozen dark to see if there was any sign of my lost chickens. On the far side, on the outside of the coop, I was so surprised to see that little barred rock that was pictured in that post hunched down near the ground. She'd laid her egg there and her little wings had ice crystals all over the top of them. I bent to pick her up. I turned the heat lamp on, waking the other six up, who came down immediately. The prodigal hen began eating and drinking. I was so glad. My friend Dawn recently posted about the parable of the prodigal. A timely tale for me.

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Dawn said...

Both your posts blessed me. The first one reminded me that, yes we do need to continue to be watchful with our children. The second one however showed me that our God is watching even when we are not.
We are responsible to be faithful, but HE truly has control over theit lives and times.