Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last Day of Hanukkah Fun

Do you want to see my family in real life? The messy kitchen, me in my robe and Mr. Right in his jammie pants? Here's the post for you!

Because of the miracle of the olive oil lasting eight days in the temple menorah when there was only supposed to be enough for one day, it is traditional to eat fried foods during Hanukkah. Many people know about the latkes, but did you know that donuts are often part of the festivities? Today is the last day, and to make it special, Daddy got out his deep fryer and made breakfast for the kids, which, of course they loved.

We cheat and start with the Pillsbury pop open biscuits. Here are the boys putting the holes in.

My daughter taking her turn at frying them.

We put cinnamon sugar in one paper grocery bag and powdered sugar in another. The little ones got to shake their first breakfast treats.

Powdered sugar baby.

Here's my seven-year-old dancing in powdered sugar he's supposed to be sweeping up with the broom in his hand. Making memories!


Becki said...

What great memories your children will have when they grow up. They sure have fun parents!

JenT said...

How nice! And I never thought of shaking donuts in a bag...thanks for the tip. :)

Karen UK said...

I may start visiting your house for breakfast- cheerio bars, doughnuts, pancakes, mmmmmm.