Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy in the Kitchen

Just hanging at home today. Mr. Right worked all night and will probably sleep most of the day. Since he's upstairs I've been trying to keep everyone on the main floor and quiet. Tough job.

I started out with a sheet of paper where I listed everyone's names and chores to do for the day. I figured I need to keep them busy somehow! I worked on the kitchen, roasting two turkey breasts that have been patiently waiting in my fridge, baking pies, cleaning the fridge and emptying out drawers and cupboards that my son shop vaced out for me. I got rid of bags of stuff and decided to repaper some drawers. See what was there? It's got to be really old, it was all over the kitchen at one time or another because when we took the drop down ceiling out, everything above it to the ceiling was this paper.

I picked out this cherry contact paper a long time ago. I found one roll at Fred Meyer and called every FM in the state until I found one with four more rolls. After all that work, do you think I got around to papering my drawers?

Oh the beauty!

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