Saturday, November 28, 2009

Waffle Breakfast

Around here we needed a little respite from turkey and cranberry sauce. I asked the kiddos what they wanted for breakfast this morning. Of course, they chose waffles. Thankfully (to go along with our thanksgiving theme this weekend) I got one of these for Mother's day last year (see how they love me?):
The Waring Pro waffle maker. Next time you are at Costco, you really should pick one up for yourself, they are great.

Since having this handy-dandy gadget I've tried many, many waffle recipes. We've finally decided that Money Saving Mom has it down to a science. See her recipe here. Do be advised to double this recipe, however, if you've got a house full of hungry children. And, if you want leftovers, you may be in the kitchen all morning, but quadruple it.

Here are my two "helpers" who couldn't wait for the long, drawn out process of waffle making and helped themselves to apples from the fruit bowl while on the counter.

Once the first ones came off the waffle iron, they scrambled down for some warm, delicious, whole-wheat goodness.

If you must use syrup, break out any jars of jam that didn't set up for you during canning season. I'm sure that I can't be the only one that just labels their runny jams and jellies as "syrup" can I? I had a whole batch of this jelly that didn't turn out that my children just love on pancakes and waffles.

But today I just set out butter and a sifter full of powdered sugar and let them go to town. It takes a lot of hand strength and time to push that sifter so not much sugar gets on the waffles. It does look pretty and satisfy the kid's desire for a topping.

And, let this post be an example to you. Next time you think that you don't have anything to post about, remember that you can post about anything. Even your kid's choice of breakfast food. :)

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Maureen said...

We love waffles around here too ;-) Thanks for the recipe... we'll have to give it a try. And... I love your blog post!!! Very Creative!!!