Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Loooong Afternoons

I have temporarily lost my oldest daughter to a job and as always, my husband's schedule is erratic. These circumstances make for some long afternoons at home. It's too early to do the dinner/bath/book routine and too dark to play outside. Thank God for Your Story Hour, new play dough (recipe here)
and the big boys with their drawing books. I know I'm not the only mommy who dreads the cold, dark months with energetic children! Take a peek here too, there are lots of good, cheap recipes for things to do with children. And don't forget the ever popular sensory tub, add dry beans, popcorn or rice to a tub with spoons and measuring cups for dumping and pouring. Just be sure they know it stays in the tub.

If you've got a plan for these long nights, please leave me a comment, I need all the help I can get!


Lorentzen Family said...

Such wonderful idea's Jennifer! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

His Talmidat said...

I'd never heard of Your Story Hour! Thanks for the tip! Do your kids still take naps/have quiet time in the afternoon?

Jennifer said...

They do, but are up by 3:00. At 4:30 it's dark out. I serve dinner at about 6. That hour and half between is tough for me!