Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Children's Literature: Thanksgiving Edition

After reading some of our Thanksgiving books today, we made headbands like the Indians may have (I use that loosely, I'm not sure about how much construction paper and school glue they had at their disposal) worn. All five of the children who were home today enjoyed that activity. Really this picture has nothing to do with the post, it's just a shameless way to add more photos of my own children. :)

Here's the real posty part of this post -

Thanksgiving Day by Gail Gibbons
This is a good book to introduce your little ones to why we celebrate Thanksgiving. It has a brief history of the first holiday and then it shows some of the traditional things that happen today to celebrate. With lots of drawings a few words it's good for the preschoolers who can't sit for too long, making this, as with all of Gail Gibbon's books a favorite.
Our Thanksgiving by Kimberly Weinberger
Make school a little different this week and have your emerging reader working on this book.
The Story Of The First Thanksgiving by Elaine Raphael

Sorry for the bad picture here, but this is a great book. Elementary aged and possibly even older children will enjoy the pages in the back that teach them how to draw everything from Squanto to a turkey. The story is a nice one too.

An Educational Coloring Book of the Colonies

Since this is from a series of coloring books, it's not actually a book, but don't let anyone color in them so they can be scanned a printed over and over. Each book comes with a tape (maybe a CD these days?) that they can listen to while coloring. As the title would suggest, it's educational.

Cornerstones of Freedom The Pilgrims

For the older child, this book gets to the nitty gritty of the experience these settlers had. There are nice drawings along side real pictures.

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