Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best Friends

Encouraging my children to be friends with one another is one of the most important jobs that I have. Parents have a lot of influence in this area. I am continually telling each child how much the others like them and that they are best friends. When they are having fun together I try to remember to point out how much they enjoy each other.
I once read an article about relationships. The author pointed out that your siblings are the only ones that you start out with and end with. Your parents will eventually die, you don't get married or have children until you are an adult. Your siblings are there for the duration of the experience.
A great book that I read to the children about sibling friendships is by the Mally children, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. It really gaves us all hope that it was possible.

In reading a book recently called Buried Treasure (which I HIGHLY recommend!) Rabbi Lapin explained that you grow closer to someone that you do things for. Sure, children love their parents.. But, it's us, the parents that would do anything for our children - we've spent years serving, caring for and teaching them. It is the act of love that makes us have deep, protective feeling for them. That's a new spin on loving your neighbor for me.

I really thought about this concept relating to my children's relationships with one another. Since reading that I've been encouraging more care between them. The older ones helping the younger but also the younger ones giving to the older. I do see the benefits.

One day I will be gone. I hope that my children will have strong, lasting relationships. I hope that they will be there to support each other through life's hardships and struggles as well as rejoice together in all of the happy moments.

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lexi said...

Hi Jen,
I really enjoyed this story, you are such a great writer!!! I love the pics of the girls with the wagon, the boys on the couch, all of them are precious to me. Hopefully I can visit around the weekend of Aug 22nd but I'll let you know when I have dates picked out. Em's birthday is the 18th so we will hang around here the first part of the week and then head over to see you guys and Em's cousins, and Rus and the rest. Love, Lexi