Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We are STILL working on this room....

...my school room. That needs to be done by the time school starts. Forget about curriculum or scheduling, this is what is keeping me up at night. We've sanded, puttied, primed, painted, caulked (my husband is a through kind of guy), painted over the caulk and now are trying to find something that will cover the four different spots near the ceiling where there has been water damage in the past. I can tell you that Dutch Boy Primer Sealer does not work. Sherwin Williams Pro Block? Nope. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
I've been thinking a lot about how I want to re-organize this space. I have this loft that is in pieces in our basement:

I am considering putting it up and having a cozy reading area on the top and maybe an independent work and study area on the bottom.... or maybe the other way around?

But, it takes up a ton of space. And I have so many books!

Another thought that I've had is to just move all of the books downstairs to the basement area "library" that my husband has. All the books together sounds reasonable but I do want the children to have easy access to the books and it is pretty cold down there in the winter. I am afraid that having them out of sight would hinder them reading (really, not that I have to worry about my two older ones in this area at all. Macho Man often sneaks away from school/chores/anything he is supposed to be doing and is hidden away some where with a book).

So I read this post by Robyn about how she keeps her girls on task. She talks about using desks. You know, like at school? Made me really start thinking. I've been trying really hard to go against the Greek philosophies of schooling (you gotta read this book) and try to teach my children after the Biblical model. So no public school like anything for us. No siree.

I am constantly separating my children. As I have been writing my school schedule, everyone seems to be at a different table at a different time or even a different room if I am busy with another child. They just get too distracted and bug each other to no end. Especially certain combinations of children, if you know what I mean.

So guess what I bought at Goodwill two days after reading that post?

You can't blame me. I HAD to go there because I HAD to drop some stuff off. And, of course, they were a great deal... only $2.99 a piece. Do you think I should get a flag and a chalk board? :)
Anyway, the school room is still in the works. It will be a happy day when I can post pictures of the revamped space, stay tuned!

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