Monday, August 11, 2008

School Schedule

Before we know it, school will be in full swing again. In preparation, we are re-vamping our school room and I'm planning the school year schedule again.

I know it's a little much for some people, but I really like to have it broken down by half hour for everyone in the family. It helps me to think ahead to where everyone will be when. This way, I am assured that each child is being productive and not getting in to trouble. It's also helpful to have different activities planned so that they don't overlap or interfere with others. For example, so we aren't attempting to have instrument practice during the baby's nap time or two children using the same equipment, like the computer, at once.

I love Managers of Their Homes by the Maxwells. It's a wonderful book and has helped me for years, ever since baby #3 came along. In my opinion, it's a necessity for a mom with many children. On the Maxwell's site, you can download a great, free worksheet to make your own schedule.

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Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I like their website. I LOVE schedules and lists-it's the only way to manage little ones, who get into mischief when unoccupied.