Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Lighting!

When we moved in to our 1914 house, these two light fixtures were up in the living room. I have hated their unmatched ugliness from the beginning.

Last Friday I came home and found that my husband had a little surprise, he put these up!

I just love them. They go well with the walls that we painted red. In some of the pictures you might notice that some of the other walls are just primed (which had wallpaper on them at one time that we took off to find blue walls underneath). We are still discussing what color to paint those!
The ceiling fan got a fresh coat of white paint this afternoon. I'm going to see how it works in the kitchen.
Thanks for getting to that, honey. I really appreciate it!!!
Today, while my daughter was shop, shop, shopping at Ross, I was wading through the housewares there. I found a beautifully framed floral print. I finally used my birthday $$$ my mom gave me last March to buy it. I haven't had anything above the fireplace because I was waiting for the right thing. I'll share it here soon.
Seems like lots of things, house-wise have come together recently. I still have so much to do, though. Stay tuned for our school room rehab.

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